Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympic Opening Ceremony

I think the Olympic opening ceremony was a pretty candid portrayal of the left/liberal progressive social perspective that is now dominant in UK cultural and political circles.

We began with an idyll of rural England in the pre-industrial age and moved through the industrial developments of the 19th C to the "progressive" social movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries; such movements as the suffragettes and Jarrow marches. We then had a memorial to the fallen of the world wars and other conflicts.

The playing of "Jerusalem" in the early stages of the above was a prelude to the next phase of this development. For the progressive mind, history moves inexorably in the direction of greater social justice, which for them is summarised by the word "equality". It also moves in the direction of greater tolerance and "inclusiveness"; of greater acceptance of all and any differences.Progressives see themselves at the leading edge of this trajectory; the forerunners of all social progress.

So, on that note, mass immigration begins. The Windrush docks in Britain and the first wave of Third World people disembarks upon our shores. I can't remember the exact chronology from here on and it hardly matters anyway: we get the swinging 60s symbolised by Beatlemania; Punk, New Order?, etc, etc. Britain is now the land of pop culture and multi-racial multiculturalism. But the progressive doesn't actually see what multiculturalism means in reality. Because progressives are essentially ethnocentric (they see all peoples moving inevitably in the direction that they suppose to represent true progress and completely ignore the very real differences of worldview that people adhere to) they believe that all newcomers will share their tolerance and aspiration towards greater equality.

The Olympic ceremony was a massive piece of back-slapping for the British left and "Cool Britannia". The self-congratulating progressives welcomed the world to what they see as the forefront of social development: an inclusive, tolerant, and increasingly equal society. The actual new Jerusalem.

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