Thursday, 10 January 2013

A plea to my political representative for freedom of speech

Dear Phillip

Thank you for your reply to my letter of 17th December. I’m very pleased that you found it interesting. I know you care passionately about freedom of expression.

It seems to me that we know several things in connection with this issue:

  1. Islamic doctrine does not tolerate freedom of expression, particularly with regard to blasphemy (which can be widely defined)
  2. The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation is a powerful and extremely well-funded body which has committed itself to controlling freedom of expression and has made significant progress in this regard via the European Union and the United Nations
  3. The Muslim population of Britain and Europe is rising dramatically – as confirmed in the latest census figures
We can therefore safely conclude that pressure to enforce Islamic restrictions on freedom of expression is on an upward gradient.

Given these facts and the unavoidable conclusion to which they lead, can we not adopt a more proactive strategy in order to defend one of our nation’s and our civilisation’s core values. It is in my view, the rock upon which all our freedoms are built.

So that is my question to you: what is being or can be done to meet this challenge; to forestall it, anticipate it, to preempt it? It is no longer enough to support freedom of expression; it is no longer enough to defend freedom of expression; both of these are reactive and reduce our position to responding to carefully orchestrated assaults on our freedoms, which by being reactive stand less chance of success. We need a proactive stategy that anticipates future assaults and lays down intelligent preparations to defeat them and indeed which takes the banner of freedom into enemy territory.

Kind Regards

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