Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Truth and Its Alternatives

There is a cure for Malsi-Tung. I used to suffer from it myself and I no longer do. I used to be very negative about the impact of European civilisation on the world. My big crusade was on behalf of the environment. I wanted to protect the environment from human activity. I felt very passionately about this. I still do. Without the threat of Islam I might still be primarily concerned about the environment.

It was after asking questions after 9/11 that I changed. I realised that the attacks were not (as I had at first thought) an environmental protest on a huge scale but the action of Muslims, sworn enemies of all things non-Islamic.

The really important step in my personal process of change was the inner questioning that occurred. I wanted to know if there was a critical perspective on Islam so I typed a search "critics of Islam" into Google. Hey Presto! up came faithfreedom.org That was the beginning of my recovery.

As more attacks succeed, as they will, more people will begin to wonder "Do those Islamophobes have a point?", and when the mass media eventually begins to ask more searching questions (or at least not obscure reality) , the dam will burst.

Liberals have become very cynical about truth. They play endless games in their avoidance and distortion of truth. They are very selective in their view of the world; taking what they like and avoiding what they dislike. They are selective with facts in order to demonise their opponents and they are highly selective with facts in order to protect their favoured groups from scrutiny or criticism. Their sense of moral superiority makes them feel justified; their implicit rule is" the end justifies the means".

Try asking your liberal friends whether they respect truth. They will probably say yes or question what you mean by truth. Don't get annoyed or diverted.

See if you can get a commitment from them to ask themselves a question and accept the answer whatever it is. Try a second and a third. Are they sincere? Will they accept a question from you and answer in the same spirit?

What question would you ask?


  1. I'm enjoying your blog tremendously. I'm another liberal recovering from Malsi-Tung. For me, one of the great joys of the process has been feeling suddenly freed to appreciate what's *good* about America and about European civilization. It was a joy to discover that loving America and our European heritage doesn't mean that feeling hostile towards other countries or wishing them ill. It just means appreciating who and what we are, and feeling determined to stand up for our right to exist with our culture and principles intact. In any case, I love reading thoughts of a fellow recovering/recovered liberal. I love it every time I find that there's another one of us out here. -- Bradamante

  2. p.s. I get where you're getting Malsi from. But where do you get the -Tung part that describes the keejerk liberal anti-Western "we can't possibly allow ourselves to have boundaries, because only bad greedy evil people and nations have boundaries" mentality? In any case, I love the term and I think the malady should be studied at major psychological symposia. -- Bradamante

    1. Hi Bradamante, glad to hear you're enjoying my blog. Tung fell into my mind on the trail of Malsi so I went with it. I guess it does suggest Mao tse Tung and the leftist totalitarian side of the unholy alliance. Please keep sharing your thoughts. I can see we're on the same wavelength.