Sunday, 24 January 2016

Truly Faithful Mohammedan

Having raised the question of a better way of referring to the fully committed Muslim in my last post, I have been thinking of better expressions for summarizing the problem. Terms like authentic, devout, pious have come into greater use to describe the character of jihadists and this is a positive development - positive because more truthful.

The phrase I have decided to use is "Truly Faithful Mohammedan". As I see it this has many points in its favor.
  1. It points the listener to the fundamental problem - Mohammed himself
  2. It points to a person and not an abstract concept such as Sharia or Islamic theology. It takes us away from the thicket of theological abstractions to the behaviour of people, particularly Mohammed.
  3. It points to the fact that the most ruthless Muslims are emulating Mohammed, they are faithful copies of his example.
  4. It therefore pushes the listener towards the dissonant reality of his example.
  5. Faith is viewed as a positive in many circles. To be full of faith, to have total belief is seen as good. "Faithful" in itself does not therefore sound like a slur; it's an inoffensive way of pointing out that violent jihadists are following Mohammed's example and instructions more closely than anyone else.
  6. Jihadists are the most faithful to the brutal teachings of Islam; the most unflinching in their obedience to them; they are misguided, of course, but only in so far as the whole of Islam is misguided. They are the Waffen SS of Islam.
  7. The monstrous behaviour associated with jihadists is the result of their total faithfulness to the teachings of a monster.
As for "extremism", it is a word devoid of clear meaning yet loaded with unexamined assumptions.

P.S. Having seen Pamela Geller's use of the phrase "devout Muslim", I think "devout Mohammedan" would be a better expression.

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