Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Pope Francis Rebuffed by Islamic State

In a very clear illustration of the disconnect between Western liberal (Marxist, progressive) worldviews and that of the most rigorous Muslims, Pope Francis has received a firm rebuttal of his pie-eyed view of Islamic terrorism and the Islamic State. In his recent visit to Poland, Francis has set out in mind-boggling clarity just how far from reality he is. He put forward his belief that all religions are by their very nature peaceful and that the world is not at war due to religious ideology but due to the love of money.

Muslims become terrorists not because their religion teaches them to kill non-believers but because they have lost all hope, due to such things as poverty and alienation. Raymond Ibrahim reports on the Pope's views here.

But Islamic State beg to differ and demonstrate their impatience with the obtuseness of Pope Francis, however much he offers to uphold the Western elites' blindness to reality on their behalf. They point out what those of us in the counter-jihad have been trying to communicate for years: their religion obliges all true Muslims to wage war against non-believers until "all religion is for Allah". It is terribly simple to understand but astonishingly hard to believe. Read their statement here.

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