Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Truth Is Hatred

How Truth Becomes Hatred

Speech likely to result in a more negative view of a minority is becoming defined as inherently hateful. The truth of what is said is irrelevant. A minority has a special protected status.

As well as feeling “oppressed” by such speech there is the possibility that a more negative view of a minority could engender discrimination towards them, regardless of the intentions of the speaker.

The truth about is Islam is very negative; far more negative than most people are willing to discover.

Telling the truth about Islam (even things openly acknowledged by many Muslims) can have the effect of casting Muslims in a more negative light.

Telling the truth about Islam could therefore lead to discrimination against Muslims, no matter how emphatically the speaker makes the distinction between Islam and Muslims.

Telling the truth thus becomes classified as “hate speech” and bigotry because of what some third party might do after hearing it or because the people most associated with Islam might be upset.

A person reporting harsh truths about Islam is therefore seen as someone stoking hatred and potentially causing discrimination towards Muslims.

Truth becomes hatred.

(If the truth about Islam was not so negative this would not happen)

The title of this post may be stark but when people accuse truth-tellers of "hate speech" this is what they are saying: Truth is hatred.

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