Saturday, 31 March 2012

Are there any compensations to the costs of awakening to the jihad threat?

I have definitely become far more miserable and pessimistic since becoming acquainted with the core imperialistic doctrines of Islam and discovering how these are being played out in the world today. I have become more isolated; more aware of the weaknesses of my fellow citizens; more hostile to Muslims and to those who seem determined to protect them at all costs; I find the sight of Muslims more and more unbearable; I dread the future and fear for that of my children; I feel that all that is most precious in the world is under increasing threat from the impending darkness of islamic cultural hegemony. So are there any compensations to this grim state?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes. I do feel more in touch with some core sense of personal integrity. I feel that I am at least trying to do something honourable for my children, my country and my civilisation; indeed, not just for my civilisation but for the very principles of civilisation.

I feel that I have a much better appreciation of what previous generations of people went through when they were faced with this threat. (I think this is something the Left just cannot see. They don't really believe in external threats, they appear to believe at some level that it is always we who are the threat to others.)  I think that facing up to the reality of the threat, however painful it may be, does take one a step closer to authenticity. All those people that I see around me who are relatively blind or naive do give me a sense of having greater awareness. Although that of which I am aware is not so great it is nonetheless awareness of something very important.

I also gain a tremendous sense of purpose from my opposition to islam. When you take the trouble to examine islam you begin to understand that it is not just another religion from which people derive meaning in their lives, you can see that it is a very twisted and tyrannical force that has millions of people in its grip; it is not really doing them any good because it is corrupting and reducing them as human beings; and, it threatens to do the same things to ever more of us. Opposing islam is to oppose evil. To have that clarity is to have a clear sense of purpose.

Galloway elected in Bradford

With the election of George Galloway in Bradford on Thursday, we have Britain's first islamist member of Parliament. In a letter sent to his prospective consistuents, Galloway used the following points to present his case:
1. He never drinks alcohol.
2. His opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not a view only held by islamists but certainly a position consonant with islamism.
3. He used the phrase "God willing" - to his Muslim audience that reads "Inshallah".

In a campaign speech he used exactly the same religious arm-twisting that the Tunisian islamists used to persuade Tunisian Muslims to vote for them, that is he said that if they did not take this opportunity to vote for a islamically sympathetic candidate this might go against them in the afterlife.

From Galloway's record in Bow, Bethnal Green and Tower Hamlets, we know that he furthers the cause of Islamism in Britain. We can see from the above points how he has sought to appeal directly to Muslims on the basis of their religion and employed the same technique as islamists in other countries. We therefore have our first islamist MP.