Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Islam is like a boa constrictor

The boa constrictor kills its prey by coiling itself around it and every time the victim exhales the snake tightens its coils. It is an efficient and almost effortless method of killing.

Islam is like the boa constrictor. It has a deadly embrace. As soon as you relax and exhale it binds you a little more tightly. Yield to its demands and your freedom is curtailed just that little bit more. Until, at last, you cannot breathe and Islam has triumphed.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Left is submissive

I think I've gained an important insight into the Left's attitude towards Islam and Muslims: they are submissive. They want to show how accommodating they are towards those who are different. They turn a blind eye to the barbaric customs or try to pretend that these are nothing to do with Islam; they swallow whole everything that Muslims want them to believe about Islam; they show deference and respect towards Muslims' beliefs even though they know very little about them and daren't find out; they take as positive a view of Islam as they can and avoid questioning or enquiring - except from very whitewashed sources like Karen Armstrong; they display all the behaviours of submissive dhimmis and are ultimately Sharia-compliant.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Who is a bigot?

The Left, with its usual moral smugness fancies that bigotry is a sin of the Right. In fact, so far down the road of self-congratulation and self-serving delusion has it travelled that it equates bigotry with anything right-wing, and contrariwise it deems left-wing thinking to be the opposite of bigotry. Thus to hold left-wing opinions is somehow to be protected from the sin of bigotry. By holding the opinions defined as respectable on the Left, the Leftist feels guaranteed a place in the warm light of virtue. It is to be one of the blessed.

But bigotry properly defined and understood is simply the obstinate holding of an opinion despite countervailing evidence and sound reasoning. It does not matter whether the opinions are of the Right or the Left, it is the manner in which they are held and maintained.

So, the failure of the Leftist to revise his opinions and attitudes in the light of evidence; his pattern of discounting evidence and character assassination and discreditation; his unwillingness to question his assumptions; these are the marks of bigotry.

Given that the Leftist typically projects these qualities of obduracy onto his political opponents means that he develops a greater and greater blind spot to these failings in himself. This is reinforced by the Leftist's fear of crossing from the side of "virtue" to the side of "sin". Any shift in his opinions to the Right triggers the fear that he is siding with the devil. Hence, he resists information and argument that threatens to move him that way.

Monday, 9 April 2012

On my anguish at the inexorable advance of the virus

When the Obama administration moves from telling us that the Muslim Brotherhood would stand no chance in the Egyptian elections to telling us that the MB may do pretty well but that's OK because the MB are really moderate, pragmatic and will soon adopt less belligerent policies as they confront the electorate's demands for better public services they will have to be more accountable; then we hear the MB saying they will never accept Israel and never make peace and they will implement Sharia law and still the Obama administration keeps telling us they're fine and they send them 1.5 billion dollars in aid.

At this point, will all the other things going on in the muslim world and increasingly in the non-muslim world as evidence that Islam is gaining force and belligerence on a daily basis, the blindness of western elites drives me to despair. The complicity of the left drives me to despair. What planet are these people on? I feel like I'm in a nightmare where I'm on a ship sailing obliviously towards an iceberg and I'm trying to wake the passengers and get to the captain to tell him of the threat but the passengers are unwakeable and when I speak to the captain it's like talking in a vacuum: nothing is heard or understood; the captain just looks at me strangely.

In his book, On the theory of Scientific Revolutions, Thomas Khun put forward the idea that science does not advance in an incremental fashion, adjusting and revising theories as new evidence challenges them. Instead, scientists strive to protect favoured theories and even to suppress evidence when it conflicts with these theories. But as evidence accumulates which throws the theory into greater and greater doubt, there comes a point where the theory has to be discarded in favour of a better model which explains the evidence more completely. A scientific revolution occurs.

Perhaps we can expect something comparable to happen with the mainstream view of Islam as "just another religion". As more evidence accumulates which the media and other elites find harder and harder to ignore and suppress, it will become harder to maintain certain viewpoints in the public domain. They will simply sound absurd. The media and other elites will continue to try and diminish evidence that runs counter to the official line; they will talk up examples which appear to validate it (they did this to begin with during the "Arab Spring"). But we can't be too optimistic, kicking the can down the road is a favoured stategy and thought crimes are going to be policed more and more strictly.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Wellington at Jihadwatch making perceptive comment on the Left

The modern Left has done so much damage. It's given us socio-economic excuses for crime, thus exculpating many criminals and removing the concept of personal responsibility. It's given us school curiculum changes which have dumbed down students in their native language, in history, in geography, in economics, in literature and even in mathematics, the sciences and logical thinking, all the while filling up young minds with PC/MC nonsense. It's given us victim-oriented thinking so that most anyone except white heterosexual males of northern European origin can claim some kind of victim status. It's given us speech codes on college campuses, an Orwellian development if ever there were one. It's given us hysterical assessments about impending environmental damage. It's given us moral relativism, thus revising in a trashy form the Sophists' challenge to Socratic absolutism. It's given us scathing assessments, riddled with ridicule and cheap caricatures, of traditional Christians and their belief system. It's given us foolish and false hopes that peace can be achieved without strength. It's given us junk that has been called art. And it's also given us what this article is about---deliberate courting of the Muslim vote in the West for short-term political gains with no view to long-term consequences, replete with continued excuse making for Islam's many pathologies.
Ah yes, the modern Left has done an enormous amount of damgage over the past half century and I write this as one who when young was a man of the Left. I know how the Left thinks because I use to think that way. No more. Forever.