Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The fear of not accepting difference

Pious people are afraid of not accepting difference. They get involved in amazing inward contortions in their attempt to resist the natural urge to be a little wary of difference.
Also to the pious, hatred per se is bad. To be caused to hate someone or some group or some thing is to be tempted by the devil. To be caused to hate a person or group "of difference" is anathema. You can see why the new piety refuses to know that Islam and Muslims are extremely questionable. The contemporary pious are trying to train themselves to accept everyone; they have a woolly idealism which tells them that accepting everyone is good and will lead to world peace. In a totally reciprocal world this might be true, but the world is not reciprocal, it takes advantage wherever it can on many occasions.

The pious strive to eradicate what they call prejudice from their hearts but they overlook differences and threatening characteristics in the process.

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