Saturday, 20 August 2016

Sam Harris provides an Antidote to Cognitive-Egocentrism

Reading from the latest edition of the ISIS magazine Dabiq, Sam Harris takes us with chilling lucidity into the mind and worldview of the jihadist.

Are you constantly exasperated by people's inability to step outside their 21st century Western worldview and put themselves into the mind of a devout Muslim? Do you wish politicians and media would stop talking about "alienation" and "poverty" and "lack of opportunity" because these are largely irrelevant to our understanding of the devout Mohammedans and their motives and aspirations? 

These are all aspects of cognitive ego-centrism - the inability to step outside our own worldview in order to put ourselves into the worldview of another, especially when that other has a very different worldview to our own. 

What is it like to adopt a perspective on life (and death) which is essentially medieval, but nonetheless real for that?

Listen to this 42 minute podcast by Sam Harris in which he asks his listeners to stop imposing their worldview onto the jihadists and accept what they say about themselves to be true and truly felt.

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