Saturday, 18 June 2016

Observations on the narrative narrative

Observations following on from Sam Harris's idea of the narrative narrative.

Whence comes this notion that focusing our attention on the specific threat that is originating from Islam will drive more Muslims into the camp of the jihadists?

The Left have developed a conceptual environment in which things are generally held to be equivalent or equal; a culturally relativistic environment; an environment in which to discriminate in a cognitive sense (that is to use discernment or judgment) is equivalent to discriminating in an affective, persecutory sense.

The power of discerning between these two senses of discrimination has been vitiated by anti-discriminatory political correctness (the conceptual environment that seeks to "equivalize" all things); to discriminate is to err.

This is a conceptual environment in which discrimination is the root of all ills, including the ill of Muslim violence. In the politically correct mind this violence will be traceable to some form of discrimination. Therefore any discrimination, including the discrimination of attending to one thing over another, will fuel Muslim violence and polarization.

Just thinking aloud...

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