Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Who is a bigot?

The Left, with its usual moral smugness fancies that bigotry is a sin of the Right. In fact, so far down the road of self-congratulation and self-serving delusion has it travelled that it equates bigotry with anything right-wing, and contrariwise it deems left-wing thinking to be the opposite of bigotry. Thus to hold left-wing opinions is somehow to be protected from the sin of bigotry. By holding the opinions defined as respectable on the Left, the Leftist feels guaranteed a place in the warm light of virtue. It is to be one of the blessed.

But bigotry properly defined and understood is simply the obstinate holding of an opinion despite countervailing evidence and sound reasoning. It does not matter whether the opinions are of the Right or the Left, it is the manner in which they are held and maintained.

So, the failure of the Leftist to revise his opinions and attitudes in the light of evidence; his pattern of discounting evidence and character assassination and discreditation; his unwillingness to question his assumptions; these are the marks of bigotry.

Given that the Leftist typically projects these qualities of obduracy onto his political opponents means that he develops a greater and greater blind spot to these failings in himself. This is reinforced by the Leftist's fear of crossing from the side of "virtue" to the side of "sin". Any shift in his opinions to the Right triggers the fear that he is siding with the devil. Hence, he resists information and argument that threatens to move him that way.

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