Thursday, 5 April 2012

Wellington at Jihadwatch making perceptive comment on the Left

The modern Left has done so much damage. It's given us socio-economic excuses for crime, thus exculpating many criminals and removing the concept of personal responsibility. It's given us school curiculum changes which have dumbed down students in their native language, in history, in geography, in economics, in literature and even in mathematics, the sciences and logical thinking, all the while filling up young minds with PC/MC nonsense. It's given us victim-oriented thinking so that most anyone except white heterosexual males of northern European origin can claim some kind of victim status. It's given us speech codes on college campuses, an Orwellian development if ever there were one. It's given us hysterical assessments about impending environmental damage. It's given us moral relativism, thus revising in a trashy form the Sophists' challenge to Socratic absolutism. It's given us scathing assessments, riddled with ridicule and cheap caricatures, of traditional Christians and their belief system. It's given us foolish and false hopes that peace can be achieved without strength. It's given us junk that has been called art. And it's also given us what this article is about---deliberate courting of the Muslim vote in the West for short-term political gains with no view to long-term consequences, replete with continued excuse making for Islam's many pathologies.
Ah yes, the modern Left has done an enormous amount of damgage over the past half century and I write this as one who when young was a man of the Left. I know how the Left thinks because I use to think that way. No more. Forever.

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