Monday, 9 April 2012

On my anguish at the inexorable advance of the virus

When the Obama administration moves from telling us that the Muslim Brotherhood would stand no chance in the Egyptian elections to telling us that the MB may do pretty well but that's OK because the MB are really moderate, pragmatic and will soon adopt less belligerent policies as they confront the electorate's demands for better public services they will have to be more accountable; then we hear the MB saying they will never accept Israel and never make peace and they will implement Sharia law and still the Obama administration keeps telling us they're fine and they send them 1.5 billion dollars in aid.

At this point, will all the other things going on in the muslim world and increasingly in the non-muslim world as evidence that Islam is gaining force and belligerence on a daily basis, the blindness of western elites drives me to despair. The complicity of the left drives me to despair. What planet are these people on? I feel like I'm in a nightmare where I'm on a ship sailing obliviously towards an iceberg and I'm trying to wake the passengers and get to the captain to tell him of the threat but the passengers are unwakeable and when I speak to the captain it's like talking in a vacuum: nothing is heard or understood; the captain just looks at me strangely.

In his book, On the theory of Scientific Revolutions, Thomas Khun put forward the idea that science does not advance in an incremental fashion, adjusting and revising theories as new evidence challenges them. Instead, scientists strive to protect favoured theories and even to suppress evidence when it conflicts with these theories. But as evidence accumulates which throws the theory into greater and greater doubt, there comes a point where the theory has to be discarded in favour of a better model which explains the evidence more completely. A scientific revolution occurs.

Perhaps we can expect something comparable to happen with the mainstream view of Islam as "just another religion". As more evidence accumulates which the media and other elites find harder and harder to ignore and suppress, it will become harder to maintain certain viewpoints in the public domain. They will simply sound absurd. The media and other elites will continue to try and diminish evidence that runs counter to the official line; they will talk up examples which appear to validate it (they did this to begin with during the "Arab Spring"). But we can't be too optimistic, kicking the can down the road is a favoured stategy and thought crimes are going to be policed more and more strictly.

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