Monday, 10 November 2014

Do not be cowed

Take a look at the first video which features an interview between Jamie Glazov and Mark Durie. During the course of the interview Jamie asks Mark about his views on the effects that Islamic encroachment, intimidation, and bullying are having on non-Muslims. Mark points out that some of us are unable to face the threat because we can't see a solution. He looks at the physiological effects of this stress situation on our bodies and our psychological condition. Whilst listening to the video take particular note of what he says about this and the visceral level at which it affects us. From the basic hormonal level of each one of us to the craven submission of entire nations towards their Muslim minorities, the toxic relationship between Islam and non-Muslims is being played out.

Here is the first video:

When you have had a chance to reflect on the messages in the first video, have a look at the second.

Amy Cuddy is a professor of psychology at Harvard. She has studied the effects of body language on our mental state. Our bodies affect how we feel. If we look up rather than down we configure a more positive biochemical environment in our bodies. (Yes, it really is that simple) This makes us feel better. It makes us feel more assertive, more hopeful, and less cowed.

Here is the second video:

What Amy Cuddy says here has far-reaching implications. Mental habits and visceral responses are notoriously difficult to counteract. But through the use of body language that is non-submissive and empowering we have a very significant counter-measure to Islamic bullying and domination. By adopting one posture rather than another we can alter the balance of testosterone and cortisol in our bodies. The psychological environment that this creates helps us to win instead of lose; to be assertive instead of fearful; to be straight instead of cowed.

As she points out in the presentation, small tweaks lead to BIG CHANGES. We can use this to our advantage to help us overcome the difficulties so well articulated by the wonderful Mark Durie.

As a footnote, have you ever noticed how Islamic clothing gives Muslims a greater physical presence? Because their clothing is typically loose and gown-like they tend to cut larger physical figures. The amount of social space they take up is generally greater than a person dressed in more Western style clothing. This may affect the way we perceive them as in some sense larger and more dominant than ourselves.

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