Sunday, 9 November 2014

Progressives are victims of their own fallacies

Progressives are the victims of their own fallacies. They think criticism of Islam is an attack on Muslims.

[this shows a failure to discriminate between ideas and people; Muslims might benefit from abandoning Islam]

This hostility is explained as racism.

[this is category confusion - they appear unable to distinguish a belief system from a race]

They don't want to be racist.

[racism is now a loosely defined term for any hostility towards another group. Might the persecuted Yazidis and Christians of Iraq feel hostility towards Islam and Muslims? Are they therefore being racist?]

Progressives don't want to be racist so they avoid criticism of Islam and attack those who do as racists. It's a self--perpetuating cycle of confusion and ignorance. Progressives like to think of themselves as more socially enlightened. They are not. They are victims of the fallacies they perpetuate.

I'm ever on the lookout for antidotes to progressive woolly-mindedness and I think I've found a particularly good one.

Canan Arin is a Turkish lawyer and women's rights activist. As a lifelong campaigner for women's rights, a woman, and a Turk it is difficult for progressives to dismiss what she says as either racism or bigotry, which is what they like to do as soon as they hear criticism of Islam. This is another of the fallacies they fall victim to: the idea that a person they disapprove of can say nothing that is true.

The author of the article (Uzay Bulut) also points out that those unwilling to criticize Islam are simultaneously surrendering millions of women to a misogynistic culture, a culture rooted in Islam, a culture dominated by Islam for wherever Islam holds sway it dominates totally.

I think as many progressives as possible should be exposed to what she says. She is extremely articulate and makes superb points, taking on some of the cliched responses that progressives typically give during discussions about Islam and Muslims.

Here it is:

The West's Dangerous Enchantment with Islam

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