Saturday, 15 November 2014

While Israel creates...

While Israel creates the first e-story books with sign-language,
Nigerian Muslim leader accuses Israel of school bombings;

As Israel creates the first global social network for doctors,
ISIS urges Muslims to bring about global volcanoes of jihad;

While Israel becomes a world leader in satellite technology,
Ansar Jerusalem beheads four Egyptians accused of being Israeli spies;

As Israel revolutionises the monitoring of premature babies,
Norwegians ban Jews from attending commemoration of Kristallnacht;

While Israel invents a t-shirt that can monitor your heart,
Palestinians celebrate rocket attacks on Jerusalem;

As Israel reinvents the wheel to make wheelchairs shockproof,
Iranian ayatollah tweets for the annihilation of Israel;

While Israel creates an anti-viral fabric that can protect against Ebola,
Polio vaccination teams are under attack in Pakistan;

As Israel invents eleven new treatments for wounds,
Anti-Israel protestors vandalise Istanbul synagogue;

While Israel develops gentler techniques to combat cancer,
Another Israeli woman falls victim to jihad knife attack;

As Israeli zoo saves rhino's sight with unique mask,
Jihadists in Kenya gouge the eyes of captives in mall attack;

While Israeli city competes to become cyber capital of the world,
Israeli Imam says Jerusalem will be capital of world Caliphate;

While Israel creates, much of the world hates...

With deeply felt gratitude to Pamela Geller for being an indomitable champion of freedom and sanity.

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